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My Tool

Preliminary information page about my favorite think tool: a free small program (270 kB) based on the larger framework of DeepaMehta by Jörg Richter et al.

(transcript) -- .mov for Chrome users


(After downloading, doubleclick it (on a Mac, rightclick > Open), or type "java -jar dm.jar" into a command prompt, or use the accessories.)


Why I like it
Why not others


for hands-on experience:

  Read mode files Maps for downloading and editing  Input for new maps
Lorem Ispum (example from movie) lorem-ipsum.htm lorem-ipsum.xml lorem-ipsum.txt
Animals demo animalsdemo.htm animalsdemo.xml  
Forums thread of CCK08 forumsdemo.htm forumsdemo.xml  
Bibliography example bibliography.htm bibliography.xml bibliographydemo.txt
Educational theories (by Millwood) millwood.htm millwood.xml millwood.txt
Co-authorships map mck-pub.htm mck-pub.xml  
Conference track selection planning semtech-31015019.htm semtech-31015019.xml  
German Novel Genres (preview;
contains data by Prof. Jannidis under CC-BY)
Sanskrit concepts sanskrit.htm sanskrit.xml sanskrit.txt
Goals (from game by Magdalena Böttger)     magdalenab.txt
Etymology example (in German) etymology-20180355.htm etymology-20180355.xml  
Philosophers (Selection is from here)     philosophers2.txt


Older presentations about the basic idea:

M. Melcher, 28.04.2013


(Now see instead)
25.04.2017: build7 (Snapshot improvement)
31.03.2017: build6 (Error fixes)
04.02.2017: build5 (Error fixes)
28.01.2017: build4 (Error fix)
24.01.2017: GUI improvements (see changes)
20.01.2017: Small basic version
13.01.2017: Find, Cut/Copy, Undo
29.11.2016: Tree export to imapping and zettelkasten
13.09.2016: Linux support improved
27.07.2016: Drop & paste options; multiple deletion
22.07.2016: CSV export
21.07.2016: FreeMind and OPML import
19.07.2016: VUE export & import
08.07.2016: Citavi import
22.06.2016: Improved tablet pen support
21.06.2016: Import wizard
07.06.2016: TheBrain import and export
03.06.2016: CMap import and export
01.06.2016: Tablet pen support [NEW]
26.05.2016: Several export & import options
15.11.2015: Major enhancements, see
02.07.2015: Errors fixed.
01.07.2015: Make a snapshot with Canvas and HTML.
15.12.2014: Quicktips for connector lines.
24.07.2014: Clutter hidden.
07.11.2013: Some Mac problems fixed.
04.11.2013: File opening simplified.
29.09.2013: Hyperlinks can be enabled.
12.07.2013: Lines can be colored now.
08.07.2013: File opening & saving improved.
24.05.2013: Nodes can be deleted now.
17.05.2013: Demo video ready.
01.05.2013: Lines can be deleted now.
Previous releases: old/